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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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heather: the mystery impostor playing priest inside a local church >> and what he does right in front of the camera that' s criminal. ed: breaking news a missing student just found safe her unexpected explanation. heather: it was warm today, but temperatures are about to tumble. the big temperature drop and when we could see widespread frost. heather: her wedding day. the a determined dad stuns his daughter on her wedding day. the surprise step stealing hearts. ed: right now, please are trying this video. with the disturbing video. john: we can only showing for so graphic. at first glance he may look like a priest. but this intruder is only
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playing the part. as he parades around st. sava church. and then, a disturbing desecration too graphic to show. down to being naked and then performed a sexual act on the altar stage. that' serbian orthodox church. police say the man came in through an unlocked door around s robes, and for more than 45 minutes wandered through the church. >> poured wine and soda on our icons. john: damaging sacred icons and distressing a tight knit congregation. >> the church is a living being with us. it' s an important property. it' s part of our sunday liturgy, but it' s more than that. it' s part of our community. john: police have had trouble finding the man believed to be in his 20s since the strange crime two weeks ago, so they' re hoping this video helps identify and a church which has tried to keep its doors open to the community has now found itself forced to take security more seriously. >> you think of your church as being an open place and a
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lose that sense a little bit. john: police believe the man may have been there before. no one here does recognize him, however false. ed: for lamar odom. a health crisis for lamar odom the former nba and university of rhode island star is hospitalized after being found unresponsive at a nevada brothel. the owner of the brothel says odom could not breathe on his own and was found pass out in a room today. he had been partying there since saturday. the 35 year old has been flown to a hospital in las vegas. a rhode island native missing for a week in california has been found safe tonight. police in santa barbara county said 23 year old dianne thatcher turned up in her sierra nevada college dorm. police say she was staying with a man who helped her following her flat tire. she was reported missing after her family lost contact with her last week. her car was found abandoned a few miles away from a motel she
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she said her cell phone died so she could not contact emily. hillary clinton is taking some hits. re the first democratic debate tonight. >> the spotlight clearly on former secretary of state hillary clinton. challanged on trustworthiness her emails and a congressional investigation front and center. hillary clinton: tonight i want to talk about not my emails but what american people want in their next president if the united states. >> getting surprising support from her closest challenger bernie sanders. bernie sanders: let me say something that may not be great politics but i think the , secretary is right that the
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, american people are sick and tired of hearing about your e-mails. >> even the underdogs like jim webb needing a through moment taking few shots >> we have to look to the fact that we loose 90 people a day to gun violence and its time the entire country stood up tio the nra the majority of the country supports background checks and even the majority of gun owners do. >> and deepening economic inequality climate change and foreign policy. bernie sanders: when you are talking about syria you are talking about a quagmire in a quagmire. >> one key democrat not in the room vice president joe biden
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watching from washington. a decision is expected by the end of the week whether to run or not. over this video first uncovered by 5 investigates. the youtube video shows stephen driver who was going to wrong way. lebert was off duty on that july night. an internal review found that lebert violated department he had been on paid leave pending a disciplinary hearing that was scheduled for this thursday. danielle: the temperatures are chilly air is on the way. danielle is here. danielle: that is a little ways away. temperatures are on the way down gradually. we can see over the next couple of days there dropping below. heather: some really chilly lows. danielle: yes, but first let' s talk about what is happening right now. we are still mild in boston, but in the 50' s right now would worcester. 59 degrees in springfield, and we are watching this cold front that is slowly coming across the
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state and we' re seeing some showers through worcester county southern new hampshire. overnight, the sky should the clear. that is with the future cast is indicating. as we wake up tomorrow morning, we have a lot of sunshine. that will allow temperatures to s in boston. for the merrimack valley you can as we go through the day we will see more clouds build as wind picks up. we are talking temperatures in the mid-60' s. that temperature trend is on the way down. heather: new tonight plymouth is planning for what' s next after plans are unveiled to shut down the pilgrim nuclear plant. two major questions looming tonight, what happens to the site? and what' s the impact on your wallet? newscenter 5' s mary saladna is live in plymouth. mary: among those asking those questions tonight pilgrim
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workers, energy customers and plymouth town leaders. plymouth knew this day was coming but no one expected it today. lousiana based entergy announcing it will close pilgrim nuclear power plant by june 2019 if not sooner. the plant stands to lose $40 million a year if it keeps operating. >> we do not believe pilgrim is financially viable. mary: tonight town selectmen downplayed the $10 million in lose but admitted they' worried about what happens next. the town had already convened a revenue ideas task force that' s proposing to make up that 10 million by charging entergy for every day it continues to store spent nuclear fuel at the site. >> i think the objective is really to help plymouth economically survive the decommissoning of the plant. mary: tonight the union representing pilgrim' s 600 plus worker blasted the company saying it is not acceptable to
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walk away from a resource this valuable, and this important to our energy supply and economy simply because it' s going to require an investment to maintain its viability. but that investment would be another 60 million for improvements following a downgraded safety rating recently issued by the feds. and then there is the fallout to customers. pilgrim provides 5-10 percent of the regions of power. governor baker says the plant' s shutdown could lead to an energy shortage. tomorrow, selectmen will be the state lawmakers how to make up for the spending. the union will hold an emergency meeting about the jobs. heather: a vigil today for the manchester woman found dead in her apartment nearly a month after she was reported missing. the vigil held outside of sue hutchinson' s apartment was organized by her co workers at head start where she worked for 15 years. hutchinson was found in a crawl
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space after neighbors reported a foul smell. her friends are stunned. >> she was a person of habit, and she took care of her mother. she is responsible for her. >> we shall remember her always and forever. she will always be in our hearts. heather: hutchinson and her roommate stephen andrade went missing in september police say andrade killed himself. chism' s mental stability have placed jury selection for his chism' t communicate with the defendant, who is charged with murdering colleen ritzer his math teacher two years ago. a defense psychologist says she tried to talk with chism, but he said nothing and banged his head on the floor of his cell. chism could be sent for a full psychiatric exam to see if he is competent to stand trial. a third suspect in a gruesome marshfield murder is on the run right now. another is pleading not guilty
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32 year old quincy attorney michael moscaritolo is being held without bail. prosecutors say he teamed up with james ferguson to rob the robert mckenna is his marshfield home last month. mckenna was found dead in a pool of blood. police say they' re still looking for a third person who was there and a large uncut diamond that mckenna told friends he kept in the house. moscaritolo' s girlfriend lauren kalil is being held on $50,000 bail. she' s charged with accessory after the fact. heather: trouble tonight for two brookline firefighters. the department says firefighter jeremy joseph was arrested over the weekend and charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. he' s been placed on adminstrative leave. so has brookline firefighter joseph ward. he was arrested for allegedly beating up a customer at a local taco shop last weekend. ward' s lawyer says the full story known yet. >> the investigation is still ongoing.
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police without the new further investigation which is why we requested some evidence from inside that restaurant. heather: witnesses say ward was angry that the alleged victim was taking so long to order food. >> next on newscenter five -- >> a desperate call in a final act of bravery. heather: a surprise a walk down the aisle that will have you reaching for the tissues. it are p dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. r get your day going with one today.
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when broker chris hill stays at laquinta network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! rgood morning. what can i get for you? va medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? pmedium hot coffee, cream, p at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. p if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> major collapse on the west side. heather: april fighting scene in kansas city.
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an apartment building collapses. they rushed into danger trying to stop the situation from getting even worse. they were trying to protect the grocery store that was next to an apartment building. suddenly an apartment wall was blown 30 feet outward landing on the firefighters. one of the men killed was a 17 year vet of the force, the other 13 years. the kansas city fire chief was barely able to talk about the tragedy. >> you leave behind a wife and members. heather: investigators don' t yet know what caused the fire. ed: 5 investigates tonight a district attorney under fire amidst accusations of unethical practices. this comes after murder charges defendant in high profile cases. >> he was interrogated and then
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he was led out of the hospital in handcuffs. >> in the end, the charges were dropped. the medical examiner changed the manner of death from homicide to undetermined. now documents obtained by 5 investigates show the behind the scenes turmoil over that decision. in a handwritten note dr. peter cummings says he felt bullied by prosecutors and accused the s office of m e shopping to find a doctor who would give another opinion favorable to their case. he also complains about the unethical and unprofessional behavior by the middlesex district attorney' s office. >> the document reads as if a line was crossed and there was a certain amount of undue influence. >> in this email cummings tells the prosecutor he' s thinking of making the change in the manner of death. prosecutors eventually
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reached out cummings boss, the chief medical examiner. >> i understand that may have been unsettling to dr. cummings. in the end, we were deciding not for the murder of a six-month-old child, and did i have an obligation to that child ? yes. >> a medical examiner or any scientist for that matter should feel comfortable testifying to the truth of their scientific convictions without being bullied or threatened. it is not about winning or losing a case. it is about justice. >> in another alleged shaken baby case, irish nanny aisling mccarthy' s murder charge was also dropped after the medical examiner changed the child' s manner of death from homicide to undetermined. emails show the da had personally reached out with questions about mccarthy' s case,
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here the prosecutor is asking when the medical examiner will have a ruling reminding them of an upcoming court date. documents also reveal the prosecution' was even present during the autopsy. these communications from you personally to the me' s office? i' m puzzled cause if you look at those conversations back and forth they contain technical questions that are being asked, they' re professional. >> they' re the medical professionals, the should know what to look at that' s their job. >> that' s the process that should be going on. we' re looking to get, we as prosecutors have to get a just result. >> the da is calling for p or or independent reviews . jeff wilson' s lawyers are looking into whether or not his civil rights were violated to
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heather: a new england aunt loses her lawsuit against an eight year old relative. jennifer connell says her cousin' s son gave her an exuberant hug when she showed up for his birthday in 2011. she fell and broke her wrist. connell sued the family for $113,000 in medical bills. it took the jury just one hour to return a verdict siding with the boy. a proud dad wasn' t letting anything stop him from walking his daughter town the aisle. not even a tough battle with leukemia. ed: ralph duquette and his daughter heather agreed long ago that he' s been too weak to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. but he practiced walked all summer and surprised her during the big day at old orchard beach in maine this weekend. the two even shared the father daughter dance during the reception. look at him, he has it, he has it. heather: what a moment, good for him. ed: fierce determination, right there.
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that. ed: ralph duquette, he is a hero tonight. heather: what a touching story. danielle: the weather has been last couple of days. temperatures are about to fall back where they should be for this time of year. as you look at the trend, tomorrow we are still above re dipping below average. look at saturday, start low 50' s for highs. yes, big changes coming. also talking about some showers out there. we have so in new hampshire, some in worcester county, we want to take you to some of those. daughter are -- there are some darker greens in there. it is associated with a cold
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now and will bring in cooler air for tomorrow. then we watch this up to the north, that will bring in a cold blast of air for thursday. this area of low pressure caused quite a bit of rain in southeastern mass where they picked up anywhere from an inch to two inches in some spots. some spots did pick up. 012 inches of rain and we will take that because we are still down for the year. we are looking for some showers. over the next all hours here is what will happen, keep the clouds around until 5:00. we start off with some sunshine tomorrow morning. the suburbs are in the s, head out the door. low and upper 60' s by the afternoon. and can' t rule out a spot shower or two especially in western
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let me show you the future cast, through the morning hours it is sunny. a couple of showers popping up, otherwise most of us are dry and we turn cooler by the end of the day tomorrow. then, we start to really drop off as a get towards thursday and friday. friday a cold front comes through and it brings us some rain. the big sleep is that it will bring in the coldest air so far this season. over the weekend, temperatures will struggle to make it into the low 50' s, upper 50' s for highs. -- upper 40' s for highs. probably a widespread freeze. ed: probably a widespread freeze. heather: you get a take care of those banana plants. even in new england. ed: a school comes together to
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heather: a high school psychologist battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer was the recipient of a heart warming surprise barbara bigelow was welcomed into a gym full of love by students and staff at oliver ames high school in easton today. ed: the 57 year old says the cancer has spread throughout her body. bigelow' s diagnosis is terminal but support from family and friends has kept her spirits up. >> people read from the beginning the very supportive. ed: bigelow says her goal is to raise money for research to help
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heather: i think everybody knows what it is. mike: chicago cubs, marty mcfly, he was onto something.
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andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. r i think all of us play for that very reason. t it makes us the child we once were. p the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. p you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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mike: somewhere harry caray is smiling. think about this until this evening the chicago cubs have never clinched a playoff series at wrigley field and the cubs have been playing there at wrigley since 1916. tonight the cubs hit three home runs and 8 different pitchers struck out 15
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different st. louis cardinals. this was for all the great cubs for more than a century. how about how year by as -- javi er baez hitting a home run off of john lackey. watch this throw to home plate, this kept the game tied. what a major-league throw that was. now we go back to the offense, anthony rizzo makes it a 5-4 game. then kyle schwarzer who was on fire, look how high this scoreboard is in my field. this thing is heading towards a lakeshore drive. 6-4 cubs. he got him. a strikeout. the cubs win. the chicago cubs are heading to
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mike: theo epstein who has only been on the job for years but has them where he wants them. clark' s we' ve known it has been tech a leading in the minor leagues. this year' s staff in this year' s team with a great vibe to get to another level. our young guys came and performed a right away. it is incredible, young talent, lots of guts and heart with great fans behind us. that is how you do it. mike: now, the cubs await the winner of the dodgers-mets. fortunately, it was an o-u-t. adrian gonzalez, that is when the dodgers got all their runs. magic johnson likes it, then they put it in the hands of
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seven innings, one-run, eight strikeouts, we go to the fifth. they will decide who will play the cubs for the nationally championship series. red sox and dave dabrowski addressed the media today. he ducked about the shopping list he will have over the course of the winter and his plans for hanley ramirez. >> our infield is the well set, but first base is open. we are committed to trying to make the effort, and i believe he is, to play first base. mike: finally tonight, from tom brady' s facebook page, his dog is discovered -- that is a lot of dexterity, i will tell you that. heather: i love this dog. ed: the last one was the good. mike: after only 67 tries.
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tough to beat scooby. ed: that was cute. mike: if theo epstein can break the curse of the bambino then go to chicago and break the curse of the billy goat -- whew.
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